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Opponents defeated: 69.621.331 (52.)
Night bonus: Current: 23:00-07:00

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ULTRA KID CUDI's village
649|337 48
Personal text
Adin (Tarrasbulba) (logged 2 times from the beggining) but here to defend my bro :D & Dino

Little cating never killed nobodyyy
I'm still standing
ULTRA KID CUDI a.k.a. atom daddy

Tonight is not about questions for me.
I want to know how you feel about being inches away from greatness.
I want you to tell everybody how it feels --
are you not mesmerized? Do you not have chills for the first time on FOX for you to be here,
holding Cudi microphone,
interviewing Cudi?

While you're thinking about that, remember this:
When you're the greatest fighter in the world today
they have a name for you.
They don't call you a great fighter, they call you
Beat me if you can."

One million pp question is:
Will summit be last tribe on this server for Davva & ryan99969 rolling_on_the_floor_laughingrolling_on_the_floor_laughing

Davva wavewave
ryan99969 kissing_heartwavewavewave

chestnut Send HelloHeidy nuts chestnut

we love

Victory achievements
Winning Tribe

You vanquished World 105 with your tribe Death Approaches.

Winning Tribe

You vanquished World 110 with your tribe The Ruckus.

Milestone achievements
Field Master (Level 2)

You were the second to defeat 5.000.000 units.

Daily achievements
3x Defender of the day

Defeat the most units in this world as the defender.

Best result: on 26.02.2024 (580.072 units)

Combat achievements
Death of a hero (Gold - Level 4)

While supporting other villages, lose 100.000 of your units.

Leader (Gold - Level 4)

Defeat a total of 20.000.000 enemy units.

Master of the Battlefield (Gold - Level 4)

Completely destroy 2.500 hostile armies.

Nobles Faith (Gold - Level 4)

Defeat 500 noblemen in battle.

Plunderer (Gold - Level 4)

Plunder resources from other villages 10.000 times.

Reliable Commander (Gold - Level 4)

Support other players 3.000 times in battles.

Scout Hunter (Gold - Level 4)

Defeat 500 scouting attacks.

Self-attack (Gold - Level 4)

Attack yourself and lose more than 10.000 units in one battle.

Successful noble claims (Gold - Level 4)

Conquer 100 claimed villages.

Demolisher (Silver - Level 3)

Destroy 2.500 building levels using catapults.

Robber (Silver - Level 3)

Loot a total of 1.000.000 resources.

Wallbreaker (Silver - Level 3)

Destroy 2.500 Wall levels using your rams.

Conquest (Bronze - Level 2)

Conquer a total of 50 villages.

The Warlord (Bronze - Level 2)

Attack 25 different players

Lucky fellow

Conquer a village by getting the loyalty down to exactly 0.


Conquer yourself, because that's the only way to show them who's boss.

Unlucky fellow

Fail to conquer a village due to the loyalty only being reduced to +1.

Social achievements
The mentor (Silver - Level 3)

As a mentor, train 5 apprentices.

Beloved Friend (Bronze - Level 2)

Make a total of 15 friendships.

Brothers in Arms (Bronze - Level 2)

Be a member of the same tribe for 60 consecutive days.

Philanthropist (Wood - Level 1)

Gift a Premium subscription to 1 player.

Growth achievements
Market Guru (Gold - Level 4)

Trade resources using the market 1.000 times.

Recruitment Drive (Gold - Level 4)

Recruit a total of 1.000.000 units!

Architect (Silver - Level 3)

Build a total of 5.000 building levels!

Gatherer (Silver - Level 3)

Scavenge a total of 10.000.000 resources.

Out of time (Silver - Level 3)

Use the instant complete option 2.000 times!

Score champion (Silver - Level 3)

Climb the rankings tables and reach 100.000 points.

Wealth comes in gold (Silver - Level 3)

Mint 5.000 gold coins.

Master of Quests (Wood - Level 1)

Complete 40 quests!

Other achievements
Years of Service (Gold - Level 5)

Play Tribal Wars for 5 years.

The Strategist (Bronze - Level 2)

Awarded for performing 10 double changes.

Card Master (Wood - Level 1)

Awarded for winning 20 rounds.

Achievements on other worlds
World 110

World 117

World 120

World 122

World 137

World 138


World 123

High Performance

World 119

World 121

World 135

World 139


World 124

World 126