Map Ranking


Opponents defeated: 28.614 (390.)
Tribe: TRAIN!
Night bonus: Current: 01:00-09:00

Villages (6) Coordinates Points
0001. Orion
515|534 9.804
515|535 5.536
0003. Gemini
519|538 6.229
0004. Cygnus
514|535 6.252
0005. Cassiopeia
515|537 5.043
0006. Antlia
520|533 1.550
Personal picture
Personal text
Under the protection of PP

Wheres turtle Mnks

In Orion's Belt, where constellations clash,
Betelgeuse, Rigel, Saiph, their brilliance ash.
Amidst cosmic storms and meteoric flash,
We find our hero, a celestial sash.

With sword in hand, you'll navigate the skies,
A warrior brave, with stardust in your eyes.
In this game's profile, where destinies arise,
Conquer the heavens, where the galaxy lies.

Among the stars, your journey shall unfold,
In battles fierce, in stories yet untold.
Betelgeuse, the fiery heart of gold,
Its crimson blaze, your valor to uphold.

Rigel, blue and icy as the night,
A beacon strong, your guiding cosmic light.
With courage, you'll embrace the stellar fight,
In Rigel's glow, your spirit takes its flight.

And Saiph, steadfast in the darkest hour,
A loyal sentinel, your cosmic power.
With every step, you'll rise and tower,
In Saiph's embrace, you'll never cower.

In Orion's Belt, your legend's just begun,
A stellar hero beneath the blazing sun.
In cosmic battles, victory you'll have won,
In this celestial game, where battles are spun.

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